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Photo Policy

To Our Guests,

Welcome to JAL Private resort OKUMA.
You can help us by keeping in mind the following;

Guests must be authorized taking photos, filming or videotaping on the property including beach area.
Any photo shoots that happen without prior approval by hotel will be asked to stop immediately and leave.
Please check below, and fill up the application form.

Photography Rules and Regulations
●Unauthorized photography, filming or videotaping of any persons in wedding gowns or special costumes        on the property  are not allowed.
※No permission will be given during the wedding held inside the church or the Photo-Wedding taking places.
※No photography allowed inside the church, nor photo taken with the church in the background unless you have permission.

●In case of taking photos by arranging your own cameraman/beautician, guest must apply for permission in advance. JPY20,000 will be charged as a Location Fee.

●Drone Photography on the property is strictly prohibited for the safety of our guests.


home > Photo Policy

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