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Access Map


  • 121st Century Forest Park Move up north on highway 58
  • 2Isagawa Intersection Go straight ahead toward Hedo Cape
  • 3Nakaoshi Intersection Route on left leads to Kouri Island
  • 4Roadside Station Ogimi Let's take a short rest here.
  • 5Kijoka (Ogimi Village Bashofu Hall) 10 km to OKUMA
  • 6Entrance to Kunigami village Yanbarukuina (Okinawan rail) welcomes you
  • 7Okuma Intersection Turn left as indicated by the sign
    Now you arrive at JAL Private Resort Okuma !
  • 8Nago-Higashi Road The tunnel stretches for about 4 km from Yofuke IC to Okita IC; 15 minutes quicker than taking highway 58. Click here for Nago-Higashi Road map.

■Map code ➣ 485 829 792*40


Route bus (time required: 3.5 hours/ fare: \ 3,170)

Take【111 Expressway bus Nago-bound 】at Naha airport, get off at the last stop Nago bus terminal and then take 【67 local bus Hentona-bound】, get off at【Okuma beach】. It is 15 minutes walk to get to the hotel.

* We will come to pick you up at bus stop. Please call us at 0980-41-2222.
Okinawa Bus Map


100 minutes drive from Naha airport: \21,000/one-way
(Okinawa Expressway /toll rate: \1020)

* Above rate is for taking direct route from Naha airport to the hotel.
【Partner taxi company /Kishimoto Taxi: Tel 0980-54-4339】

Rent a car

For guests with rented car
(Via Okinawa Expressway and Nago-Higashi Road /time required: 100 minutes)

* Check the rates at the website of each car rental company.

Battery chargers for electric vehicles are now available.

Great news for guests with rented electric cars!

The hotel has two electric vehicle battery chargers for free use by hotel guests.
Ask at the reception desk for details.

Note that a full battery charge takes eight hours.
*The free battery-charge service is for hotel guests only.


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