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Room With Dog (Garden Villa)

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Room Information

Important reminders

  • ■Only dogs accompanied by guests staying at the hotel may enter the facilities.
  • ■Guests with dogs must reserve designated dog rooms.
  • ■Dogs must not be left in cars in the hotel parking lot.
    Guests with dogs must submit a pledge form to the hotel for the comfort and safety of other guests, dogs and dog owners.

Play freely with your pet in the dog run!

A garden dog run in the rich natural environment of northern Okinawa

Enjoy a stay at this Okinawan resort hotel and savor its open and relaxing atmosphere. A true resort experience awaits you and your pet.
Dog run dimensions: 12.7 × 12.4 m (approx. 313 m2) Fence height: 90 cm

Terms of Service

*Bring a pledge form and a copy of your dog’s vaccination certificate.

Only guests with dogs may reserve dog rooms.
A fee of 5,556 yen (before tax) per dog per night applies.
*Only indoor dogs may stay at the hotel.
Up to two dogs may stay in each room.

A charge of 5,556 yen (before tax) per dog per night applies regardless of size.

Consumption tax will be added at the checkout counter.

When the hotel’s six dog rooms are fully booked, no further guests with dogs can be accommodated.
Dog are not allowed in non-dog rooms.
Read the terms of service below regarding dogs.
  • - Dogs must be one-year old or older and well disciplined.
  • - Dogs must have been vaccinated against rabies and viral infectious diseases (quintuplet vaccination) within the last year and more than two weeks ago. (Guests must produce a pledge form and a copy of the vaccination certificate upon arrival at the hotel.)
  • - Dogs must be controlled to avoid unnecessary barking.
  • - Dogs must not have infectious diseases.
  • - Dogs must not have fleas, ticks, roundworms or other parasites.
  • - Four weeks must have passed since the dog's menses started.
After reservation
Print out, fill in and sign the pledge form, and submit it to the hotel.
Download pledge form (PDF)
Read the dog run terms of service. Check the details in the online file. (PDF/Excel)
Download Dog Run Terms of Service (PDF) Download Dog Run Terms of Service (MS Excel)
For information on flying with pets, see the Traveling with Pets service of JAL Domestic Flights.
Rental car companies cater for people with pets. Find related information here.
Get great deals on car rentals here. Get great deals on car rentals here.
Check-in 14:00
Check-out 11:00
Number of Rooms 6 rooms
Floor Area 48 m2 (Capacity: 1 to 4 guests)
Size of Bed 120cm x 203cm (Extra bed will be provided for triplet occupancy: 120cm x 188cm)
View from Window Garden view
Room Facilities Liquid crystal television/Air conditioner/Satellite broadcast channels/Telephone in bathroom/Refrigerator/Japanese tea set/Room slippers/Washlet toilet/Safety box/Clothes hanger/Electric hot-water pot
Notes Elevator installation for three-storied building/Barrier-free entrance/Non-smoking in the indoor facilities including lanai (veranda).
Complimentary Wi-Fi
<NOTE for Wi-Fi connection service>
Due to the un-covered area of Optical Fiber Internet, we offer free Wi-Fi via ADSL.
It may cause an unstable internet connection.
We ask for your kind understanding.
Attention For your safety and enjoyment of all guests, we need your cooperation.
Not allowed to show tattoos at any public area within our property.
We ask you to wear long-sleeved shirts or use patches for covering if the tattoo is visible.
Please observe them for helping keep Okuma resort a welcoming place for everyone.
Thank you for your deep consideration to others and understanding culture in Japan.

Room Layout

Room With Dog (Garden Villa)

Room Amenities

Room wear/Bath towels/Face towels/Wash towels/Body towels
Standard Amenities
AKABANA shampoo/AKABANA hair conditioner/AKABANA face soap & shower gel/Bath salt/Toothbrush & toothpaste/Shower cap/Cotton puffs/Cotton swabs/Razor/Shaving foam/Hair comb/Hair dryer
Amenities for pets
Food trays (large and small)/Pet sanitary sheets/Trash container/Air freshener/Dog waste bags/Vinyl glove/Rolled sticky cleaning tape(Colocolo)/Towels/Linen basket/Dog mat/Plasma cluster humidifier and air purifier device

Hotel Map


Garden Villa Area Map

  • Reception desk: 4 minutes walk
  • Restaurant area: 5 minutes walk
  • Shops: 4 minutes walk
  • Nail salon: 4 minutes walk
  • Aromatherapy salon: 5 minutes walk
  • Restaurant Beach Side: 6 minutes walk
  • Seaside Sauna: 6 minutes walk
  • Marine House: 7 minutes walk
  • Felicia Church: 9 minutes walk
  • Eco Museum: 7 minutes walk
  • Parking lot: 9 minutes walk
  • Beach: 7 minutes walk
  • Pool: 6 minutes walk
  • dog run:30 seconds walk
  • OASIS, Kids space: 6 minutes walk
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